1)  This indicates that some menu items may be served raw or undercooked
2) Consuming raw or undercooked meat or seafood may increase the risk of foodborne illness especially to those with the weak immune system
3) This indicates that if steamed clams are unavailable Steamed Mussels will be substituted at our discretion
4) Before placing your order with us please inform the event coordinator if anyone in your party has a food allergy
5) Pricing for all menus includes the paper products, utensils, condiments, staff to cook and serve buffet style, and trash removal.
6) Upgrade service is available upon request at an additional charge.
7) Menus which contain steamed clams or lobsters are subject to price change due to market pricing.
8) Events under 35 people are subject to an additional service charge.
9) All prices are subject to change and are exclusive of state and local taxes, gratuity, and service charges.

Question: How do I secure the catering date?
Answer: Email our catering office for availability and menu proposal.  We recommend you send your contract and deposit in as soon as possible in order to secure your catering date with Ipswich Clambake.

Question: How do I select my catering menu?
Answer: Choose one of our standard menus or ask us to create a specialized menu to suit your taste.

***MA Food safety laws prohibit us from preparing, handling or serving any food items that we do not provide. These items may not be placed on our buffet tables.

Question: Is there a minimum number of people required for an event?
Answer: We don’t have a minimum guest count but we do have a dollar amount we need to hit for offsite catering. Clambakes to-go or customized delivery menus are great for smaller crowds!

All menu items are available for pick up at our restaurant. Delivery can be arranged based on our availability.

Question: How will my food be served?
Answer: All food at a clambake or other catered event is served buffet style. Food service generally is completed in about one hour.

Question: Can our meal be served on the beach?
Answer: To ensure the safety of our staff, our serving area must be reasonably close to the cooking location. Ipswich Clambake staff cannot traverse rocky areas or bring food down onto the sand. Guests are welcome to bring their plates to the beach from the designated serving area if they chose to do so.  Certain circumstances may allow, please inquiry with the catering office.

Question: What will Ipswich Clambake Catering provide?
Answer: We supply buffet and condiment tables covered with white linen, paper products (plates, utensils, and napkins), condiments, trash barrels, and trash removal. We will set up and/or arrange for tables and chairs, if needed, for an additional charge.

Question: How will the food be cooked?
Answer: We cook outdoors using propane burners. This requires a flat ground surface and should be at least 10 feet away from houses or trees. Make sure you take these guidelines into consideration if you’re planning a backyard clambake.

Question: How can I best prepare a clambake site?
Answer: Check for a suitable cooking area with access to an outdoor water supply and hose hookup. This area should also be convenient for set up of our serving tables and cooking equipment. We will need a lighted area if food is served after dusk. Should you need a location for your clambake party, please visit the event sites section of our website for some suggestions.

Question: How much cooking space do you need?
Answer: We will need a parking space for our vehicle and at least two parking spaces for cooking. Failure to provide parking or adequate space for cooking may result in caterers being unable to execute an event. Full payment will be forfeited.

Question: How do I determine a serving time?
Answer: In order to serve your guests the highest quality food, it is necessary for all of your guests to be present at your designated serving time. Once the crew is on site if you choose to delay serving time for more than one-half hour an additional charge, for each crewmember, will incur. Our crew will arrive at your site approximately 1.5 hours before serving time; if you request them to arrive earlier, an additional charge per crew member will be applied to your final invoice.

We offer 3 different serving options:

STANDARD:  1 – 1 ½ hr.
Meal served in courses (1st Chowder, Salad, Steamers and/or Mussels, 2nd – Main Entrees and Sides -3rd Dessert).

All food items are available at the beginning of the food service. This option is most often selected if your guests have a limited time to enjoy the meal.

EXTENDED: 1 ½ hr. +
This allows more time in between courses

Question: What happens in the event of rain?
Answer: If you decide to postpone your clambake party due to rain please call us at 978-356-2050, 24 hours in advance. No voicemail please. Rescheduling is contingent upon Ipswich Clambake’s availability. We cannot guarantee your rain date choice until five days before the event.

Question: Is there a travel charge for coming to my site?
Answer: There is no travel charge within one hour travel time (each way) from Ipswich Clambake (Ipswich, Massachusetts). A travel fee is charged beyond this time.

Question: How will my catering plans be finalized?
Answer: Approximately 10 days before the event we will send a Final Detail Form to you to fill out with important information needed to execute your event.  This form does ask additional questions other than your final guest count.

If you have picked the Deluxe Wedding Menu, or your custom menu includes a choice of entrée, we require entrée tickets (we can/will supply) or another form of identifying the entrée choice for each of your guests. If tickets are not provided we cannot guarantee accurate meal distinction.

Question: How will I be billed for catering?
Answer: We require a deposit with your contract upon booking your backyard clambake or other event. The balance will be due 24 hours prior to your outing, or, if arranged with the Catering Sales Office a check may be picked up on the day of your event.

Question: Does Ipswich Clambake cater weddings?
Answer: Yes, we absolutely cater weddings through Ipswich Clambake or our high end subsidiary HarborLight Catering, please email the catering office to inquire. We are happy to help you plan your special day so you can relax and enjoy your guests. Additional services are available upon request, e.g., wedding consultant, event coordinator, and service staff.

Question: Do I have anything to worry about?
Answer: We continually strive to offer the best product available and to exceed our customer’s expectations. Please let us know how we are doing by completing the customer response form enclosed with your invoice. We want to know that your clambake party was out of this world!

Customer’s Responsibilities:

Site selection and/or Venue Rental – see our suggested site list for recommendations
Guest’s Tables, Chairs & Table Covers
Set up & break down of guest’s tables and chairs (These services are available for an additional fee)
Tent or Covered area to serve Buffet
Bug Spray for guests
Centerpieces, if desired
Lawn toys or games
Music or other Entertainment

Other Supplies:

Tables, Linens, Paper goods, cutlery & napkins for any food items you provide: ie: appetizers, salad items or desserts or any other tables that are needed for gifts, place cards, music, etc.

Amenities for Caterers:

Nearby Parking & Cooking area for our staff (approx. three parking spaces)
Lighting for cooking & prep area, if after dark.
Service Upgrades:

We will be happy to assist you with the following services

Linens / Plastic Table Covers
Bartending Service
Buffet Trays
Cake Plates & Forks
China Dishes, Flatware & Glassware
Plastic Cups

Did this answer your questions? If not, please contact us, we’ll be happy to help!

Catering Office

Contact Number: 978-356-2050
Email Address: catering@ipswichclambake.com

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