Ipswich Clambake has the best clam chowder EVER! Their fish & chips and grilled haddock sandwich are very tasty and their staff is friendly. We were so glad to find them still open and providing their excellent food during the COVID-19 pandemic. Had a very pleasant conversation with Joe, one of the owners, during our meal there. An upstanding guy, restaurant, and catering business.

- Ellen T

"Best wedding food we ever had!" While shifting plans for our small (Covid-Era) wedding, we hired Ipswich Clambake to provide the food for our special day. The food was incredible! Our friends and family are still raving about it three months later. "Best wedding food we ever had!" they say. We're so happy we got to have a unique clambake experience for our beachy backyard wedding. Steamers, lobsters, steak tips - the dream wedding food! The staff was so professional, respectful and responsible with COVID-safe protocol. They made sure everyone was taking the proper precautions to stay safe, and we're so friendly and easy to work with. I recommend Ipswich Clambake to everyone and hope to work with them again for future events. Thanks so much everyone!

- S Moira

We used Ipswich Clambake for the catering of our oceanfront rehearsal dinner at the Manchester Bath & tennis Club at Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA. The food was delicious, the company took care of all setup/cleanup, and the staff was incredibly professional. Our guests enjoyed the authentic New England Clambake experience, and I would highly recommend using this company to anyone.

- Denise

Hands down, best rehearsal dinner ever!! My husband and I wanted a casual backyard clambake so we hired Ipswich Clambake Company. They were extremely professional and fun to work with. They arrived right on time, just as we were running out the door to the rehearsal. When we came back, the grill was fired up, the tables were set and we were ready to party! The food was absolutely delicious! People went up for seconds and thirds!! They went above and beyond to accommodate children, vegetarians, and food allergies. They even packed up the leftovers for us and we ate them the very next day! I will definitely hire them the next time we host a clambake!!

- Jessica

Stopped here after taking in some of the great trails around the area. We got the lobster roll and grilled halibut and everything was really, really good. Like, hand cut fries with the perfect amount of salt, colorful and delicious coleslaw, and homemade tartar sauce with pickles that fell from heaven. 10/10 would recommend if you’re in the market for quick and delicious.

- Lindsay J

Our first but not last visit to this Ipswich Seafood Haven. The value, quality and service are unmatched in the area. I enjoyed the most divine order of perfectly fried haddock, flaky and delicious. Homestyle fries cooked to perfection, along with the most amazing onion rings I think I've ever eaten. Their Seafood menu is unending and prices are very reasonable. If you are ever in Ipswich Massachusetts, don't pass up the opportunity to enjoy the freshest seafood and five-star service at Ipswich Clambake.

- Mark D

Great food, very nice staff, regularly excellent mood. They charge fair rates and the food quality is great. Keep up the good work.

- Louis M

I had heard of this place through friends and family and given the lack of available adventures within Boston, I decided to go to the Ipswich Beach then try out this place! The service was quick, efficient and kind. Most of all, they are safe, taking extra precautions during this social distancing phase we are in. It was delicious, I wish I grabbed a couple more. I've been to a number of spots and I appreciate how I am getting a lobster roll, not a mayonnaise + some lobster and tons of bread. I would recommend anyone to go check this place out, especially if you are anywhere around the beach area and need a quick, satisfying stop.

- Ryan S

Great place! Always end up here after driving by a competitor that always has a big line and have never been disappointed. Best tartar sauce I have ever tasted and the clams are light and terrific too, never too greasy like other places. Fast, friendly service too, very clean inside and nice tables w umbrellas outside.

- Bill F

Best Tasting Lobster Roll!! I was running some production parts to a business in Ipswich and decided I needed a Lobster roll, actually a lobster roll and fried clams. I've driven by the Ipswich Clambake so many times, but this was the time. Glad I did! Their lobster rolls are amazing. If you are a lobster roll expert, you know what great lobster rolls taste like. Its all about fresh "not frozen" meat. The Ipswich Clambake is fanastic, even rivalling the Beach Plumb in my opinion.

- Scott D

Simply an amazing dinner! My family shared amazing steamed clams, a fabulous fried fisherman's platter a tasty broiled scallop plate and a delicious baked seafood casserole. Food quality was special: portions were large and the atmosphere was casual and pleasant. I would highly recommend this outstanding restaurant.

- Steven A

I had the scallop roll and my son had the lobster roll, and he shared a bit. They were both yummy - but the scallops were superb! Would definitely recommend them served any way they are offered. Super nice people that work there too!

- Kerrih

First - the food quality. I have eaten here dozens of times and have never been disappointed. The fried seafood is always fresh and cooked to perfection. The chowder is AMAZING and has won the Chowder Festival several times in recent years. The hidden gems are the Haddock Pieces (1/2 pint and pint),and the Seafood Casserole. Anytime they offer specials - get them - they are always great.

Second - the cost. We feed a family of 5 for between $60-80 - and the quantity of food served is pretty healthy - so it is a GREAT value.

Third - the speed of service. Hands down, the quickest from order to the bottom of your belly!

Finally - the holiday deals! At Thanksgiving, Christmas and a few other holidays during the year, the Ipswich Clambake offers entire prepared meals in a box to go - and they are deals you cannot beat. Last Thanksgiving, we ordered the Thanksgiving meal to go. Wow...just wow 🙂 Highly recommended - don't wait in line at the "other place" down the street - the Clambake is better, faster and cheaper. Enjoy!

- Mark F

Ordered the fried clams with onion rings and baked beans, and the homemade ice tea. Everything was fresh, flavorful, and delicious! Would definitely try more menu items next time. Great place with great service, and everything was spotless!

- Kristie R

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